• CNC Milling
    General machining, microwave, medical, military,
    we do it all! Milling capacity up to 1.5m on the
    X axis travel, batches from 1 to 20,000+ please
    contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • Investment In Technology
    Heavy investment in the latest technology.
    All recent additions to our machining centres
    are fitted with Renishaw spindle probing and
    tool breakage detection. This enables
    automated partcycle datum setting
    with vastly increased part accuracy, and
    part repeatability to within just a few microns.
  • Microwave Components
    Complex Microwave components are a speciality,
    working to only a couple of microns in many cases,
    we have enormous experience with this type of
    part and can machine anything from a one off,
    to batches of 20,000+.
  • Continuous Investment
    Our latest addition:- Doosan DNM 500 VMC
    super high speed contouring control, with Fanuc
    advanced preview software, helps the machine
    read 500 blocks ahead, to give a perfect part
    at very high program feed rates.
  • Continuous Investment
    Our continued investment in new plant
    and equipment helps us maintain a competetive
    edge, investment in the latest programing software
    also gives us the ability to machine complex
    multi axis machined components with 3D surfaces.

For all your machined components and assemblies - Please contact us for a quotation : Tel (01462) 451497

Milling Services

Annual investment in quality CNC machinery (3 new Doosan DNM machining centres in the last 18 months) and advanced programing software gives Belmont Engineering the scope to offer a wide range of multi axis machining services.  Highly complex components in difficult to machine materials are something of a specialty.  Vertical CNC Milling capability with up to 1.5 meters travel in X and 850mm on Y axis gives us the capacity to produce large components.  Complimented by our advanced CAD/CAM/CMM inspection systems, which enable us to machine and inspect parts directly from your CAD model, this can be done without paper drawings as both manufacture and inspection can be undertaken direct from the model.  3D machined surfaces can also be produced and inspected directly from your model file.  Our shop can provide a rapid response to requirements, from highly complex parts, to a block with a few holes in, we do it all!  1 off to 15,000 per annum and with delivery made to scheduled call offs if required.  We can help you manage your inventory by delivering scheduled orders on the day required.  Materials regularly machined include Aluminium, Steel, Stainless steels, Titanium, plastics and an ever expanding range of other exotic alloys.

Manufacture from any drawing format

We can take your design from a sketch, drawing or solid model file to a finished product or component.

Our CAM systems will read all current file formats, IGES, STEP, DXF, Rhino, Solidworks etc., we can even provide fully dimensioned, toleranced drawings based on your solidworks files, usually at no extra cost.